Becoming the Hope For Rohingya

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is proud to say that as soon as the Rohingya Crisis escalated we were quick to act and set into motion a plan to set up provisions and help for the thousands of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar and coming into Bangladesh. Our local teams in Bangladesh, teams from UK including the Managing Director, Faisal Hussain and International Fundraising Manager, Adnan Sohail along with members of our Canada team made their way to the Myanmar – Bangladesh border to see how they could best set up and distribute your aid through Medical Camps, Clean Water facilities, Shelter and Food aid to the Rohingya. 

Already, we have set up a smoothly-running Medical Camp conveniently located in an easy access area for the Rohingya. Through this camp we are providing much-needed medicines and professional healthcare advice to over 700 Rohingyas every day since it opened.  

Our teams are fully involved in doing whatever is in their capacity to help the Rohingya and bring them hope. We are making hospital appointments for the injured, creating awareness of the situation by forming human chains in Dhaka, visiting the existing make-shift camps, listening to their personal stories to get a deeper understanding of the crisis and making sure the Rohingya are getting your generously donated aid in the quickest way possible. 

We have distributed hundreds of ready-made meals to the starving Rohingya families as well as providing the families with food security items that will help many of the families from going hungry for the coming months.  

Clean Water is a basic necessity which the nearby Rohingya can now use for drinking, cooking with and for cleanliness. The Water For All project is well underway with our first set of Water Pumps already built, prior to the implementation we had thoroughly researched into the most suited and appropriate water wells to establish which one would provide the cleanest water and for the longest period of time. 

There is still many thousands of Rohingya who need your help. Let’s work together to become the Hope For Rohingya, donate generously today.  



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